Luxemburg's Root eSolutions pulled the plug on dozens of torrent and file sharing community sites after receiving legal threats, according to a gulli report. Some of the more popular sites affected by the measure are,,,, and

A representative of the hosting company told gulli that it received a court order to take down the sites, complete with the threat that the police would confiscate 30 servers if Root wouldn't act. Root was able to inform the owners of the sites affected before the take-down, but apparently no on acted upon the warning. Since them, some admins seem to have taken some initiative, as some of the domains redirect to new hosts, albeit without the original sites in place.

The hosting company spokesperson told gulli that some of the admins would probably just move their sites to German or British hosting providers, but expressed doubt that such a step would offer any more protection because those companies would have to follow the same European Union copyright directives.

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