The Register's Andrew Orlowski is trying to stir up a controversy by claiming that there's a dark secret related to the media's coverage about the Pirate Bay case. Apparently, no one has been mentioning that one of the defendants is a right-wing extremist. From his article:

"But there seems to be something about Pirate Bay that no one wants you to read: its debt to one of the most notorious fascists in Europe."

At heart of the issue is Carl Lundstrom, heir of the Wasabrod empire and backer of various right wing groups in Sweden. The prosecution is trying to make the case that Lundstrom financed the Pirate Bay. Lundstrom's lawyer and the rest of the defense team instead insist on Lundstrom only playing a minor role in the project. And Orlowski is trying to convince us that copyleft activists and their supporters in the media are trying to hide Lundstrom's politics from the public:

"(N)o English language coverage of the trial has mentioned this."

Oh really?

"Never far from controversy, it has been reported that Lundström has supported political parties on the far right." (The Local)

"The oldest of the quartet, 48-year-old Carl Lundstrom, is already known in his homeland as a right-wing celebrity millionaire." (Forbes)

"He inherited a fortune built on crispbread, and has a long history of involvement with extreme rightwing politics." (The Guardian)

"A fourth person indicted is the Swedish business magnate Carl Lundstrom, who has been called a right-wing extremist by the Swedish press." (me on Newteevee)

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