Schools across the country have been wondering what to do after the licensed college music service Ruckus abruptly shut down about a month ago. Ruckus had official relationships with around 250 schools nationwide, and some of them have been using the service as a carrot to defend restrictive file sharing policies that outlawed the use of BitTorrent and similar protocols.

The official student newspaper of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute recently mourned the service with the following words:

"Ruckus was a valuable asset to this campus, helping to deter students from pirating music by offering them an acceptable and legal source of music. By providing students an alternative to illegally downloading music, it helped everyone; the Dean of Students Office had less work legislating issues regarding copyright laws, and the concern that students could be prosecuted for violating such intellectual property laws was diminished."

The Polytechnic Online even asked students to "refrain from downloading music illegally." However, it had an interesting suggestion what to do instead: Just use Seeqpod instead.

Of course, Seeqpod has been sued by Warner Music and EMI for alleged acts of infringement ...

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